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Winter in Victoria BC

Winter in Victoria BC is fast approaching. That means two things for people in the Victoria area: lower temperatures and lots of rain. While we certainly don’t get as much rainfall as our fellow Vancouver-based British Columbians, we still receive quite a bit. We also need to brace ourselves for the temperatures to dip and strong winds.

Due to the relatively mild winter temperatures, many people living in the city incorrectly assume that they don’t need to do any prepping. Homeowners in places that get snow like Toronto and Montreal use the time to clean out eavestroughs and making sure their snowblowers are working. Victoria certainly doesn’t have those same weather concerns, but we should all still prep our homes in three critical ways.

Seal Windows

Homes lose a lot of heat through poorly sealed windows. This problem is especially bad in Victoria because electric baseboards are so standard here. Unfortunately, these baseboards are not inexpensive to operate, so in the winter months, you could be wasting significant amounts of electricity due to poorly insulated windows.

There are a few ways to solve this problem. The most expensive way is to replace your windows with better quality ones. Unfortunately, this could cost thousands to do. The least costly way is to use a blackout curtain, which prevents the heat from escaping outside. Of course, this ruins the aesthetics of the window. The middle ground is to buy a window insulating kit, which is a do-it-yourself product that allows you to seal the drafty windows yourself. It’s generally a good idea to feel your windows each year and buy these kits as needed. Your electricity bill and the environment will thank you!

Clean Your Gutters and Inspect Your House For Any Damage

Fall is the perfect time to clean the gutters on your roof. Over time, these can become clogged with leaves and other debris. When this happens, they can overflow and cause water to collect near the foundation. While we typically don’t get excessive rainfall here in Victoria, it does happen. Windstorms can sometimes cause shingles to peel or siding on the home to peel.

Ensure that everything is clean and that your home doesn’t have any exterior damage. If it does, you’re better to start those repairs now before the rainy season hits.

Plug Drafts

Doorways, garage doors, and other entrances into the home can become drafty. A misalignment in a door can result in cooler outside air leaking in. Before the winter season is upon us, look around your home for possible cracks and ensure you plug those. Much like the first window tip, these cracks will let the cold air from the outside into your home, thereby increasing your heating bills.

Don’t Wait. Prepare Today!

Don’t wait until winter is upon us to prepare for it. Start today by checking your windows and looking for drafty parts of your house. Go outside and clean the gutters. Inspect your home’s roof and siding for any visible damage. If you find that you need to repair anything, you’ll find it much easier to do now than in the middle of December. Likewise, if you find that you need to book a professional for repairs, you’ll find it easier to do that now than closer to Christmas! Winter in Victoria BC can be beautiful if you are well prepared.

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"Most of B.C. could be in for a drier, warmer winter this year"


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