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Showcase your home for the photoshoot

If you're looking to prepare your Victoria, BC home to put on the market, your agent will eventually need to take photos. These photos will entice would-be buyers to come and look at your property, so they need to look fantastic. Some sellers believe that they need to go all out and hire a staging company for maximum effect. Others might think that taking photos of the house "as-is" will suffice. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. While a staging company doesn't hurt, you can often make your home significantly more attractive by doing small, little things before the photoshoot. 

Here are five ways you can showcase your home in the best possible light for the photoshoot.

Reduce Clutter

One of the least appealing things in a photo is clutter. People are instantly turned off by it. If you have clothes lying around the house or hanging on the back of doors, you should put those away. Similarly, you're going to want to clear off countertops and put items away neatly. Your goal is to present an organized space that attracts people. If your home looks messy, would-be buyers are less likely to come out and want to see your property.

Depersonalize Your Home

Many families have fridge magnets that have special meanings (like that time you went to Hawaii for the summer and had so much fun there). While these magnets are great keepsakes, they're also visual cues that you own the home. Buyers don't want to see a home in which you live. They want to see a home in which they can live. Buyers need to be able to visualize living in your home, and personal keepsakes interfere with that process. You should store fridge magnets, family photos, and other mementoes away before the photo shoot.

Boost Curb Appeal

Buyers will want to see the exterior of your home. Fortunately, you don't need to undertake a complicated landscaping job to boost curb appeal. Small changes matter significantly to buyers. For example, you should bring in the garbage and recycling bins. Also, ensure that you cut your grass before the photo session. You don't need an overhaul to the exterior - keep it tidy and neat.

Clean The Bathroom And Kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. Focus on these areas and ensure that they are clean and tidy. Store plungers out of sight. Lower toilet lids so that the bathroom appears more orderly. Similarly, in the kitchen, ensure that appliances look orderly and put them away if needed. You want your kitchen to look desirable, and dirt or clutter will, unfortunately, not achieve that goal.

Pay Attention To Electronics

Is your iPad on the couch somewhere? Are your remotes on the table, the chair, and the TV stand? Can you see a bunch of unsightly cables dangling behind your TV stand? 

Electronic devices often stand out in photos and can make the place look cluttered. Store these cables away and put the remote controls in their right position (or put them away). Keep electronics out of sight. The focus should be on the home, not on your cable setup!

Photos Should Be Easy And Fun

By taking action on each of these five ways to prepare your Victoria home to be put on the market, you can make the photo session relaxed and fun. You don't need to make your home look perfect. As long as you make it look desirable, that will work! Reducing clutter, cleaning, depersonalizing your home, and increasing its curb appeal will go a long way towards finding a fantastic person to buy your property!

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