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Keep your home safe this season

Keep your home safe this season. The month of December brings lots of warm fuzzy feelings. The holidays are here, which frequently means seeing friends and family, eating lots of great food, and spending days of merriment around the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the season also has some downsides to it. Rainfall is typically the highest for the Victoria area during this month. Burglaries and package theft can also have an uptick due to all the holiday shopping.

Whether you’re staying at home for the holidays or leaving to visit relatives somewhere else, you’re going to want to keep your home safe. Let’s look at three ways you can keep your holiday season merry and significantly less stressful.

Ensure Your Christmas Tree Is Safe

Many homes put up a tree this time of year. Some have an artificial one, while others have a real tree. Regardless of which tree type you choose, ensure that it is away from heat sources. Baseboard heaters and fireplaces should not be close to the tree. Do not place candles near the tree, either.

Only lights suitable for indoor use should be on the tree, and the ones you use should be grounded. If your electrical outlets are not grounded, now would be a good time to call out an electrician to make these repairs. Of course, during bedtime, all lights should be turned off. Not only will this save electricity, but it will also reduce fire risk.

If you are leaving for an extended period during the holidays, make sure you turn off the lights on the tree before leaving. Christmas trees can catch on fire if the conditions are just right. By minimizing your risk of fire, you maximize the likelihood of having a festive holiday!

Prepare For Burglaries and Package Theft

Amazon is a fantastic site for Christmas shopping. You can go on there and order just about anything, and it comes quickly to your home. Unfortunately, thieves also know that people love to buy presents from online retailers. As such, they will canvass areas to find packages to steal, whether they’re in homes, cars, or on the front porch.

Keep your home and car locked during the season. If you can put in a webcam-enabled doorbell (like a Ring), that is typically an excellent investment. There are many instances of these doorbell cameras catching thieves stealing packages. At least it provides some video evidence for the police. If you want to be extra secure, consider a security system. These systems can alert the police if they detect an intruder in your home!

Watch What You Post On Social Media And What You Dispose

Thieves often canvas social media or garbage bins to learn about what potential victims have. If you post a tree filled with lots of expensive Christmas presents on a public Facebook account, a thief could look at it and know they could have a significant windfall if they went into your home. Similarly, if you just got a $5,000 TV and you dispose of the box, a thief could see that in your recycling and know there’s a good payoff by going into your home.

Take care to be discreet during this season. Don’t post pictures. Don’t put out big boxes advertising all the expensive presents you received. Keep things quiet to ensure would-be thieves don’t target your home.

Be Merry. Be Safe.

The month of December is a fun time for many families. Make sure you keep it that way by paying attention to your Christmas tree, packages, and what you post online. By reducing your fire and package theft risks, you’ll be sure to have a happy holiday season!

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